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Seconds in the Taskbar Clock, Windows 7 64-bit Updates, and Twitter FriendFitter11/15/2009 @ 3:05pm

We may be nearing the end of the year, but we've got some brand new software updates to squeeze in. This set brings enhancements and compatibility for the newly released Windows 7. As users begin upgrading to Windows 7, many will upgrade their PCs as well, jumping into the latest 64-bit computers. We're happy to keep up and release the latest enhancements to support the new platforms, including updates for FriendFitter, ClockDummy, and FTPDummy.

Twitter FriendFitter 1.3 - This new release of FriendFitter, the automatic Twitter friend adder, includes throttle support for following users on Twitter and optimizing the growth of your Twitter account. Also includes minor enhancements.

ClockDummy! 2.0 - Do you know the little clock in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, called the taskbar clock? While Windows 7 alone, won't display the seconds in the taskbar clock, ClockDummy makes it a breeze! It also comes with support for styling the clock's graphics and font, and even synchronizing the time! This classic product sports new enhancements and now supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. Grab a free download and check it out.

FTPDummy! 4.8 - The latest version of our light-weight and easy-to-use FTP client includes support for Windows 7, including 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. Also includes minor enhancements.

As always, free trials are available for download and registered users can upgrade from within the software. Stay tuned for more updates to come.

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RSS Submit Updated version 2.7512/6/2009 @ 4:44pm

The newest version of RSS Submit 2.75 is now available for download. New and updated RSS directories added to the latest version include Solar Warp, Leigh RSS, Weblogs, and more. Updated manual sites include FeedMap, Topix, Feeds4All, and Newstin.

Stay connected with ksoft through our blog, RSS feed, or Twitter for new and updated software releases as we transition into 2010.

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Introducing BacklinkSpeed 2.0 Submit to 3000+ Backlink Web Sites1/6/2010 @ 12:10pm

We're happy to announce the release of BacklinkSpeed v2.0, our popular tool for submitting your web site to over 3,000+ backlink sites. This newest version is a brand new release, packed with a list of powerful enhancements to increase your backlinks, boost your submission power, and jump-start your web traffic results.

BacklinkSpeed 2.0 Submit to 3000+ Backlink Sites

BacklinkSpeed 2.0 Web Traffic Analytics

New features in BacklinkSpeed v2.0 include:

- Major boost of 3,100 new submission sites.
- Support for plug-ins and the new BacklinkSpeed SEO Expansion Plug-in Pack.
- Visual enhancements.
- Web site analytic features to monitor traffic, rank, and results.
- Improved submission performance and speed.
- Minor enhancements.
- Affiliate program, refer sales and earn commission.

RSS Submit 2.80

We've also released a new version of RSS Submit v2.80, including new and updated RSS directories, updated RSS feed analytics, and minor enhancements.

As always, registered users can download the latest versions by clicking the Upgrade button in the software or by heading over to dummysoftware.com to download the latest versions. Don't forget to stay connected with ksoft through our blog, RSS, or Twitter.

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Introducing FTP Command Line, iPhone FTP Client4/28/2010 @ 8:12pm

We've been keeping busy, here at ksoft, with updates to several products, including RSS Submit v2.84, but we're especially excited to introduce our latest software release for the iPhone, FTP Command Line!

FTP Command Line - iPhone FTP Client FTP Command Line is a powerful FTP client for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad, providing a fully featured command line interface to your favorite FTP servers. Perform nearly all FTP commands available, including uploading, downloading, managing files and directories, permissions, and much more. With the FTP Command Line built-in editor, you can upload, download, and edit web pages, HTML, configuration scripts, or text files in real-time, right on your web server. It's the perfect addition for any web site owner with an iPhone.

Of course, we're no stranger to FTP clients, having multiple FTP products, including FTPDummy!. Looking back to the early days of ksoft, it was about time to bring this productivity to the iPhone.

Head over to the FTP Command Line web site or download your own copy of the first command-line FTP client for the iPhone from the iTunes AppStore!

FTP Command Line for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad

As always, stay tuned to ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.

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RSS Submit Updated version 2.85, Alternate Web Browser Support5/16/2010 @ 1:27pm

The latest release of RSS Submit 2.85 is now available. Along with a set of new and updated RSS directories, this version also includes a feature enhancement by popular request - support for alternate web browsers during manual submission.

RSS Submit Internet Explorer RSS feed Submission RSS Submit Firefox RSS feed submit RSS Submit Google Chrome RSS feed submit RSS Submit Safari RSS feed submit RSS Submit Opera RSS feed submit

Packing RSS Submit's manual submission with extra power, this feature includes support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or any default PC web browser, and helps optimize your manual submissions in your favorite web browser. This feature is especially powerful for RSS Submit users with the the RSSTop55 Plug-in (enhancing RSS Submit with 100+ manual RSS directories) and the Podcast Plug-in. Of course, we have a whole selection of other RSS Submit plug-ins.

Also included in this version are new and updated RSS feed search engines: WeBlogALot, Sourceforge.net, Jordo Media, WebLogs, Blogoriffic, and BritBlog.

As always, stay updated with ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.

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Android Meta Tag Viewer and RSS Submit version 2.888/29/2010 @ 8:55am

We're happy to announce several new software releases this month from ksoft, including mobile apps for the Android and iPhone. We've also released the latest version of RSS Submit.

Meta Tag Viewer Android App Our latest release on the Android mobile platform is a basic necessity for SEO web page ranking. Introducing Meta Tag Viewer, a core search engine optimization tool, allowing you to automatically download and view web page meta tag information for any URL, right from your mobile phone. Of course, for the iPhone users, check out BlogPingy for an easy way to ping your blogs to over 30 search engines and directories right from your iPhone or iTouch. On the other hand, for those of you looking for a little fun, try your musical skills with Guitar Touch (Android / iPhone).

RSS Submit feed submission software Also available, is the latest release of RSS Submit version 2.88. New and updated RSS search engines and directories include LsBlogs, MetaFeeder, Blog-Directory, EatonWeb, and engine updates. The latest version also includes minor feature enhancements. Don't forget to download plug-ins for even more power, including the ability to mass import and export lists of RSS feed URLs into RSS Submit with the Import/Export plug-in (included in the RSS Submit SEO Expansion Plug-in Pack).

As always, keep updated with ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.

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RSS Submit 2.89, Twitter Authentication, and RSS Growth9/28/2010 @ 8:43pm

RSS Submit Software The latest version of RSS Submit 2.89 is now available for download. Newly added RSS directories include RSSTop10, RSS Mob, RSS Bin, Go Blog 4i, and Best Blogs. Also included is support for additional URL types and minor feature enhancements. Did you also know that we have an RSS Submit affiliate program?

RSS Submit Twitter Plug-in

Along with the rest of the web, we've also updated our products, Twitter FriendFitter and the RSS Submit Twitter Plug-in to support the new Twitter OAuth authentication protocol, officially registering RSS Submit and FriendFitter as Twitter-compatible applications. If you have not yet checked out the Twitter Plug-in, be sure to take a look.

Twitter FriendFitter - Automatic Friend Adder

Meanwhile, on the RSS forefront, there are some exciting discussions going on regarding the future of RSS technology and potential enhancements. Creators of the RSS format are discussing how to pack more power into RSS and move it towards the mainstream, making it easier to use, follow, and share.

It's no surprise that the most popular social networks and web 2.0 sites rely on RSS feeds to move information through their applications. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and many others, all integrate RSS feeds to create, syndicate, and distribute content to and from their networks. In fact, you might find that a significant percentage of tweets actually originate from RSS feeds. This is what makes visibility and promotion of RSS feeds so important in any SEO campaign strategy. If users can't find your feed, they can't share your links.

Moving into the future, discussions around improving RSS include features to provide a DNS type of web service, capable of providing single username URLs for RSS feeds. This would allow users to subscribe to an RSS feed simply by "following" your username. Discussed features also include the ability to stream a river of news from RSS feeds, similar in format to Twitter's stream, but with content pulled directly from RSS feeds. While these features are just the start of discussions towards improving RSS technology, they show how important RSS is, as the backbone for the Web 2.0 infrastructure. Don't neglect the importance of your RSS feeds. Take care of them and they'll improve the visibility of your sites.

As always, stay updated with ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.

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Top 15 Ranked RSS Feed Directories10/7/2010 @ 8:52pm

We've put together a brief listing of the Top 15 Ranked RSS Feed Directories. While the ranking of sites is a moving target, this list gives a current overview of some of the most popular directories available for submitting your blogs and RSS feeds.

"You can submit RSS feeds to the top 15 ranked RSS directories below by following each link. The RSS directories below are free to submit. Each RSS directory is ranked according to Google Page Rank (PR), Alexa Rank, Ease of Submission, and Popularity."

Head on over and check out the list. Is your favorite directory missing? Leave a comment and let us know.

As always, stay updated with ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.

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Introducing the RSS Submit Analytics Plug-in11/10/2010 @ 6:44am

We've got something new and exciting for RSS Submit! We're happy to announce the release of the RSS Submit Analytics Plug-in, a powerful addition to RSS Submit, providing detailed reports of your RSS feed rank, SEO statistics, auto-discovery, feed analysis, and optimization.

RSS Submit Analytics Plug-in - RSS Feed Rank, Traffic, SEO

As with all RSS Submit plug-ins, the Analytics plug-in integrates directly into the software, providing a new button to view feed analytics information and export reports for any RSS feed URL entered into the software.

The RSS Submit Analytics plug-in supports the following services and analytics:

- Google Rank
- Alexa Rank
- Compete Rank
- Yahoo Backlinks
- FeedBurner Hits
- RSS Auto-Discovery
- RSS Analysis
- Export Report

Of course, there are even more plug-ins available, so be sure to take a peek. We're also busy working on the next release of RSS Submit, which will bring a number of enhancements to empower your RSS feed promotional campaign.

As always, stay updated with ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.

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Software Updates for FriendFitter 1.5, RSS Submit 2.92, and CDStartDummy 2.611/30/2010 @ 8:41pm

As we approach the beginning of a new year, here at ksoft, we've been busy pushing out a set of software updates to bring you more promotional power and easy-to-use software. In this latest batch of updates, we're happy to announce new releases for FriendFitter v1.5, RSS Submit v2.92, and CDStartDummy v2.6.

FriendFitter for Twitter auto-friend adder FriendFitter 1.5, our powerful Twitter auto-friend adder, now includes enhanced Twitter search functionality to locate friends to automatically follow by keyword or topic.

RSS Submit - RSS submission promotion submit feeds RSS Submit 2.92 has been updated with a significant set of new and updated RSS directories. Also included is a set of feature updates to improve the software speed, RSS feed preview optimization, and support for additional plug-ins (including the RSS Submit Analytics Plug-in for tracking your RSS feed's rank and optimization). We're also working on the next release of RSS Submit, which is due to include an additional set of RSS search engines and feature enhancements. Stay tuned for details.

CDStartDummy autorun HTML CD autoplay CD-ROM CDStartDummy 2.6, a powerful tool for creating autoplay CDs with HTML or web pages, has been updated to include support for secure CD data, as well as additional enhancements to support Windows 7. Autorun CDs created with CDStartDummy can now be fully secured and protected, along with serial codes and trial CD functionality.

We've also updated the comments section on the ksoft blog to integrate directly with Disqus, Twitter, Yahoo, and OpenId. So, feel free to discuss with comments, questions, and suggestions.

As always, stay updated with ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.

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