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Increase the power of BacklinkSpeed
with the SEO Expansion Plug-in Pack!

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Purchase today for only $29.95

BacklinkSpeed is already the favorite tool used to promote web sites and blogs for increasing backlinks. Now you can enhance it with two powerful plug-ins contained in the SEO Expansion Plug-in Pack, compatible with any licensed edition of BacklinkSpeed. Just install the expansion pack, and two new buttons will appear in the main BacklinkSpeed window allowing you to access the following plug-ins:

1) The Reporter Plug-in

Record and archive your trackback submissions. The Reporter plug-in keeps a database of all submissions, records advanced submission statistics, and allows you to print a report based on date or blog URL.

View a sample report produced by the BacklinkSpeed Reporter Plug-in, for a submission to 200 of the backlink sites.

2) The Import/Export Plug-in

With the click of a single button, load in at turbo speed, a list of URLs from a text or html file. URLs may be listed one per line, separated by comma, separated by a space, or listed throughout a text document. This plug-in also allows you to export your URL list to a text file for backup or use on another PC.

These powerful features are the perfect addition for SEO's using BacklinkSpeed. Boost your feeds to the next level by purchasing the SEO Expansion Plug-in Pack! 

Plug-in Requirements

Plug-ins require a registered version (any licensed edition) of BacklinkSpeed version 2.0 or greater. Plug-ins may be installed and uninstalled as needed and seamlessly integrate into the software. Plug-ins are compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. 

Upgrades of BacklinkSpeed are free and may be completed by clicking the Upgrade button in the software or downloading from the web site



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