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clean history
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clean history

Clear Internet history, Erase PC tracks, Protect your privacy

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Purchase today for only $29.95.

Did you know that your PC and web browser can leave detailed histories of sites you've visited, files you've opened, images you've viewed, and more? With PrivacyDummy!, you can quickly and easily view your history tracks and clean your PC with one click. 

PrivacyDummy! can clean all critical history tracks from your PC including:

  • Web Sites Visited, Typed URLs, Auto-Fill Forms, Cache, Cookies
  • Windows Temporary Files, Programs Opened, Documents Opened
  • Last User Logged In, Dial-up Networking, Clipboard Data
  • Windows Common Dialogs, Find File History, Recycle Bin
  • Media Player, AOL, Kazaa, WinZip, Microsoft Office Recent Files
  • And many other application histories. For complete details on what can be cleaned, click here or see the screenshots below.

Click scan to see the history tracks on your PC. It may be a shock to see what your PC actually records about your computing habits!

Select your choice of history objects to scan and clean.  You can even clean the history from common programs such as AOL, Media Player, Kazaa, and WinZip.

Click clean to erase the history objects from your PC and enjoy ultimate privacy. A backup file of your registry can be created to restore your previous history.

History tracks accumulate on your computer every time you use it. You'll want to scan and clean your PC frequently to avoid build-up of personal information. In addition, PrivacyDummy! will also free up disk space, increase memory, and promote a healthier PC.

Also, when you purchase PrivacyDummy!, you are not only getting a number one privacy protection product, you are also getting ksoft's same-day customer support. Registered users also receive FREE upgrades to the latest version at no additional cost.

Go ahead and download our free trial, click the scan button, and see the kinds of personal information lying on your PC for the prying eye. The trial version will scan and clean your computer for only 10 days. The full version has no time limit.

PrivacyDummy! is so easy, you'll want to use it everyday to protect your PC. Purchase your copy today!




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