autorun html cd autorun html cd
autorun html cd
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autorun html cd

Easily create an HTML autorun CD

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CDStartDummy! creates autoplay CD-ROMs with the ability to launch
any file type you wish ranging from HTML web pages, image galleries, to movies. You can include your own splash screen graphic, custom CD icon, sound effects, background music, custom window sizes, secure CD protection, and much more.

The most unique feature of CDStartDummy! is that it allows you to autorun an HTML web page on a CD and include powerful action commands to bring it to life. You can enhance your web page with the ability to copy files to the user's PC, display messages, launch programs, and more. Results from CDStartDummy!'s action commands are so impressive that your CD will not even appear to be a web page.

CDStartDummy! creates compatible CD-ROMs for Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista,Windows 7

CDStartDummy! includes the ability to burn your CD right from the software. You can also save your files as an ISO CD image for easy CD duplication.

CDStartDummy! can also create time-limited CD-ROMs using CD Expiry and password-protected CD-ROMs using serial codes. Combine both security features to create trial CDs that expire after a number of days until a serial code is entered. You can also test your autorun presentation to see how your CD will load before even burning a single CD.

In addition to all of these features, CDStartDummy! is fast and easy to use!

Select your options of self-sizing graphics, sounds, and files. Click Create CD to save all the necessary files to a desktop folder for copying to your CD.

Design your CD menu using the built-in Menu Creator feature and include hyperlinks that launch files on your CD, copy files to the user's PC, navigate URLs, or display messages. Advanced computer users, you can use your own favorite HTML editor to create the menu.

This example CD was created with HTML and uses the built-in browser. Notice, there is no web browser toolbar, no scroll bar, and a custom icon in the upper left corner. You have the option to control exactly how you want your presentation to look.

Change the look, feel, dimensions, and create a completely customized autoplay CD experience. Both examples above were created using a web page with the title bar and resizing turned off. Javascript in the web pages provide mouse-over highlight effects. CDStartDummy! action commands provide functionality for the links.

Choose advanced options and security features for your CD including CD Expiry and password protection. Combine them to create time-limited CDs requiring a serial code.

A series of files are saved to your desktop, including autorun.exe which is the loader tool that makes the magic happen. Copy the created files to your CD-ROM root directory and your CD is ready for autorun! Run the autorun.exe to test your autorun.

When selecting a web page to use as your CD autorun presentation, CDStartDummy! will copy all images and linked pages to a "CD-ROM Distributable Files" folder located on your desktop, creating a perfectly intact CD presentation. All data files are packaged neatly inside sub-folders allowing your final CD directory structure to be clean and neat.

You can also specify an alternate fail-safe file to run if the initial file can not be opened. For example, if you select a movie as your auto-play file, another computer may not have the appropriate software installed to view the movie. Instead, you can indicate an alternate file to open or web page to display which could include links to install the needed software.

CDStartDummy! even comes with other more advanced features such as the ability to change the look and feel of the built-in web browser. You have the option to turn off the right-click contextual menu typically seen in web browsers, specify a size for the window, turn off the title bar, disable resizing, or make the window full screen.

CDStartDummy! is the only autoplay tool that allows action commands within your web page to perform tasks such as launching files, copying files, displaying message boxes, and closing the autorun presentation. You can create these actions in your web page using A HREF links. View our help files for a complete description of all action commands available.

For example: 

<A HREF="http://ACTION_RUN=mylicense.txt">View License</A>
Would display "View License" in the window. If clicked, mylicense.txt will open.

<A HREF="http://ACTION_COPY=myfile.exe,{DESKTOP}/myfile.exe">Install App</A>
Would display "Install App" in the window. If clicked, myfile.exe is copied to desktop.

<A HREF="http://ACTION_USER_SELECT_COPY=mypic1.gif,mypic2.gif">Install Me</A>
Would display "Install Me" in the window. If clicked, a dialog is displayed allowing the user to select a destination folder, the files mypic1.gif and mypic2.gif are then copied.

<A HREF="http://ACTION_BROWSE">Browse the CD-ROM</A>
If clicked, the contents of the CD are displayed using the Windows explorer.

<A HREF="http://ACTION_QUIT">Click to Quit</A>
Would display "Click to Quit" in the window. If clicked, the autorun will exit.

Action commands give you extra power to bring your autorun presentation to life. Whether you choose a standard web page of your own creation, or include the action commands, your CD is sure to be a hit!

Secure CD Protection

CDStartDummy includes the option to protect your CD data and files with a secure CD, include serial codes for access to the CD, and the ability to set an expiration date time period before the CD expires. Using these powerful features you can create a trial CD, demo CD, securely protected autorun CD, and secure time-limited serial code autoplay CD. 

When using CDStartDummy's secure CD protection, your files will be protected from being opened outside of the autorun CD menu. You can specify inidividual serial codes to provide access to the autoplay CD or even include an expiry time limit to allow the CD to expire after a specified period of time. CDStartDummy's powerful features allow for maximum flexibility in creating the perfect autorun CD presentation.

Additional Information

The trial version includes a 10-day evaluation and an unregistered popup box at the end of your autorun CD presentation. CD presentations created with the trial version may not be distributed. 

For additional information, check out the CDStartDummy! help files. Read our Jan 22 2004 Press Release. Read our November 22 2004 Press Release. Read our 5-star review at SharewareJunkies.

It's so easy, you'll want to use it for every autoplay CD you make. Purchase your copy today!

CDStartDummy! License Types

Corporate Edition $89.95

The Corporate License allows CDs created for commercial purposes by corporations and businesses. This license includes:

  • Unlimited autoplay CD projects.
  • Unlimited distribution of CDs to your clients.
  • Commercial use of CDs for unlimited re-selling and distribution.

Professional Edition $49.95

The Professional License allows CDs created for commercial purposes by businesses and organizations. This license includes:

  • Unlimited autoplay CD projects.
  • Distribution of up to 100 CDs to your clients.
  • Commercial use of up to 100 CDs for re-selling and distribution.

Personal Edition $39.95

The Personal License allows CDs created for non-commercial purposes including personal backup, personal projects, family photos, personal web sites, etc. This license includes:

  • Unlimited autoplay CD projects.
  • Distribution of CDs for non-commercial purposes only.
  • CDs may not be sold, licensed, nor given away for profit.

Software Upgrade (Registered Users) $39.95

Upgrade to the latest version of CDStartDummy! Registered users can upgrade to the latest version software to gain the newest features and enhancements for creating auto-play and autorun CDs. The latest version of CDStartDummy is v2.60 and includes:

  • Window positioning by X, Y or percentage of resolution.
  • Centering window by position (when using percentages).
  • Secure CD protection.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 enhancements.
  • Maximum expiration days for trial CDs increased.
  • New Action Command variable {TEMP} and {SECURE} to access directory where temporary files are extracted during autoplay.
  • Minor features and enhancements.



-- Choose Edition --
Corporate Edition (License)
Professional Edition
Personal Edition (License)


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