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Uninstall phantom programs from your
Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list!


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Purchase today for only $19.95.

Do you have programs listed in your Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list that you just can't seem to uninstall or remove? Maybe you just need a faster way to uninstall programs?

UninstallDummy! is an easy solution to highlight, uninstall, and remove phantom program entries in your Add/Remove Programs list.

UninstallDummy! is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

While the standard Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet works quite well for removing most of the software you've installed, there are many times when it fails to work properly. This leaves phantom programs which stay visible in your Add/Remove Programs list, even though the program has already been uninstalled.

UninstallDummy! solves this problem by allowing you to remove any stray programs from the Add/Remove Programs list. 

Simply select a program to uninstall or remove from the Add/Remove Programs list in your Control Panel. Phantom programs which should be removed are highlighted in red. Click the image for a full screenshot.

UninstallDummy! has several enhancements from the standard Add/Remove Programs applet. In addition to highlighting and removing phantom program entries, you also benefit by faster load time, larger and more colorful icons, and easier access via a desktop icon.

UninstallDummy! makes it easy to clean out unwanted entries from your Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list. Purchase your copy today!




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