windows startup manager windows startup manager
windows startup manager
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windows startup manager

Remove spyware and startup faster! Manage the programs that run when Windows starts.

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Did you know that each time you turn on your PC, Windows runs a list of programs automatically in the background? This causes icons to be added to your system-tray, hidden programs to execute, a slower PC, and in many cases, spyware to run.

Startup Select is a powerful Windows startup manager. It allows you to identify, enable/disable, and remove the programs located in the registry and startup folders, which run automatically every time Windows starts up.

Startup Select is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

One of the unique features in Startup Select is the ability to first identify the program before disabling or removing it. This allows you to choose which programs are needed and which can be disabled. By disabling unwanted programs, your PC will startup faster, you'll have less clutter next to your clock, you'll have improved PC performance, and you'll protect yourself from harmful spyware and viruses.

Red items are harmful spyware or viruses, and should be disabled. Gray items are already disabled. Simply select a program to identify, enable, disable, or remove to stop it from automatically running when Windows starts up. Click the image for a full screenshot.

Startup Select contains a built-in database of hundreds of Windows startup programs and their descriptions. Any harmful program entries are highlighted in red, notifying you which entries should be disabled. Using this feature, you can easily identify which Windows startup programs are spyware, adware, hijackers, viruses, and more.

Startup Select is the perfect add-on tool to use along-side popular spyware cleaning programs. Startup Select makes it easy to manage the programs which run at Windows startup and optimize your PC. Purchase your copy today!




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