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 SafeShopper is the ultimate tool to protect your credit card and identity!

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Purchase today for only $24.95.

Is your credit card really safe after you have placed an order online, or is your information only a password guess away from a hacker? You may be surprised how many online stores leave critical backdoors open on their computers. These are the same computers which store your credit card information just after placing an order online!

SafeShopper allows you to verify an online store's security before you place an order online by clicking the SafeShopper button in your Internet Explorer toolbar. SafeShopper provides you with an instant report as to if the online store is safe to shop at. For technical details on how SafeShopper does this, click here.

SafeShopper also provides you with the location, owner, and contact information of the web site. Shopping online just isn't safe without SafeShopper by your side!

The main screen displays the online store's location, name, and address while SafeShopper verifies the rest of the security of the online store.

Once the security check is completed, a summary is displayed offering advice on whether it is safe to shop here. Any vulnerabilities can be viewed in detail.

SafeShopper adds a new button, "Verify Security", to your Internet Explorer toolbar. One click will let you know if the online store is safe to shop at.

Many users already know to look for the yellow lock indicator in their web browser to check if it is safe to enter their credit card details. Yet this only provides a safe transmission of your credit card number to the store. What happens to your credit card number when it is sitting on the store's computer? 

While the yellow lock in Internet Explorer lets your know your credit card is transmitted safely to the online store's computer, hackers can still steal your number from the store itself, unless the store is secure.

It is often the actual online store's computer that is broken into when credit cards and identities are stolen by hackers. This is because many web sites leave "backdoors" open on their computers. It is these backdoors which hackers can break into, guess a single username/password, and compromise your credit card information or even worse, your identity!

While a typical web site may have certain backdoors open, an online store which accepts credit cards online should have no backdoors open. We can usually trust popular web sites like Amazon, Microsoft, and CompUSA, but what about the smaller web sites which might not have the extravagant security measures of the bigger ones? How can you be sure they will protect your credit card?

SafeShopper even reminds you when it sees you are about to place an order online. 

The SafeShopper reminder window displays on the right-side of your screen near your clock, asking you if you wish to verify the store's security before placing an order.

While online shopping has come a long way in security, there are still stolen credit cards every day. You no longer have to place an order with the question in your mind about whether the web site is safe. SafeShopper will alert you of security issues, reveal the true identity of the web site, and set your mind at ease so you can shop safely.

SafeShopper will:

  • Alert you of security issues of online stores while shopping online
  • Reveal the true identity of an online store or web site
  • Remind you to verify an online store's security when you reach an order page
  • Help prevent theft of your credit card number
  • Help prevent theft of your identity
  • Set your mind at ease while shopping online

SafeShopper is the ultimate tool to protect your credit card and identity. Purchase your copy today!




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