popup ad killer, stop pop-ups, free download popup ad killer, stop pop-ups, free download
popup ad killer, stop pop-ups, free download
popup ad killer, stop pop-ups, free download popup ad killer, stop pop-ups, free download
popup ad killer, stop pop-ups, free download

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Easy to use and no setup needed. Real-time protection from popups, adware, spyware, harmful web browser plug-ins, harmful activex installers, drive-by downloads, web browser hijackers, and immunization from thousands of known spyware pests.

PopupDummy! not only protects your PC from popups, it also stops adware and spyware from running, and keeps them from ever installing in the first place. For a complete list on what PopupDummy! can block, click here.

PopupDummy! keeps a watchful eye on any hidden programs running on your PC. You're notified instantly when a harmful task is blocked. By blocking drive-by downloads and harmful activex controls as your surf the web, you're safe from new spyware pests which try to install on your PC. Harmful web browser plug-ins and toolbars are also blocked, and web browser hijackers are cleaned. PopupDummy! gives you complete control over any attempts at customization of your web browser and ultimate protection against popups.

PopupDummy! is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Netscape web browsers.

PopupDummy! users receive same-day customer support, FREE upgrades, and no monthly/yearly subscription fees.

PopupDummy! popup ad killer screen capture
From the main window you can change sounds, hotkeys, safe sites, view cookies, and view popups already blocked.

The tiny tray icon runs in the background, takes up very little space and can notify you by sound & animate when a popup is blocked. The tray menu gives you extra power!

The Safe Site list allows you to enter web addresses that bypass PopupDummy!
to display popups that you want to see. You can also hold CTRL as you click a link to bypass PopupDummy!.

The Cookie Cutter allows you to view and remove cookies created by web sites.

If you see an Adware popup come through, don't close it! Just add it to the block list. Click Block List, Add, Browse, and select the window title of the Adware popup to kill.

You're even protected from harmful ActiveX Installers, as shown above. These installers are often the cause of countless adult popups and spyware installed on your PC.

With all the features packed into PopupDummy! to protect your web browsing experience, it's a wonder why anyone surfs the web without its protection. And the best part about PopupDummy!'s protection? It's guaranteed.

Once you have PopupDummy! running, test it out using our pop up blocker test page or check out the help files to view more information about it.
Read all about what other users already think about PopupDummy! in the customer testimonials.

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So what are you waiting for? Purchase your copy today of the number one popup blocker, popup killer, popup stopper, spyware killer and protect your PC!



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