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popup test this popup killer popup test checks your popup blocker and pop up killer for pop up tests try popup test
PopupDummy! Test Page

9 different popups will be tested which demonstrate adware, spyware, and activex installers.
To view the popups, refresh this page while holding down the CTRL key for the entire duration of the page load to disarm PopupDummy!.

1. Automatic web page loading popup.
2. Automatic web page body loading popup.
3. Automatic Anti-Popup-Blocker attempts to bypass your popup killer.
4. JavaScript OnMouseOver popup:
5. Simulates a popup from an adware program. Includes programs like Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, Gator, and other desktop applications. To block adware coming from your programs, right-click the tray-icon and use Add to Block List when you see a popup. 
Click button to test

6. Safe Link to open a new window: Safe New Window
You can also hold down the CTRL key as you click this link to allow a popup.

7. Safe Button to open a new window: 

8. Safe Context menu new window: Right-click and select "Open in New Window" to allow a new window
9. "Drive-by" downloads are the windows which popup asking Yes or No to install software. Many of these are spyware or adware. With PopupDummy! enabled, harmful installers are blocked while safe ones remain active.
Example "drive-by" download installer window

Click button to open
window containing the test

10. Macromedia Flash Animations are the ads that dance around your screen.
If you see the Flash advertisement below, enable Block Flash and refresh this page.

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