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PopupDummy! blocks popups, adware, and spyware from:

  • Internet Explorer unsolicited web browser popups

  • Netscape web browser popups

  • Messenger Service popups

  • Whenu.com's SaveNow! adware popups

  • Gator GAIN adware popups

  • WeatherCast adware popups

  • WeatherBug adware popups

  • CommonName, BabeIE, and other adware parasites

  • Internet Explorer Browser Hijackers, and other spyware parasites

  • KaZaa, Grokster, BearShare, LimeWire, iMesh, and other peer-to-peer file sharing adware popups

  • NetZero adware popups

  • Cydoor adware popups

  • Harmful ActiveX Installers and "drive-by" downloads

  • Corrects hijacked web browsers

  • Complete pop-up, adware, and spyware parasite protection

You're even protected from harmful ActiveX Installers and "drive-by" downloads, as shown above. These installers are often the cause of countless adult popups and spyware installed on your PC.

You're also protected from annoying Messenger Service popup ads.

In additional to the above popups blocked automatically by default, PopupDummy! can be manually configured to block any popup window based on window title. If you are experiencing popups from a source other than those listed above, simply follow the link above to learn how to add the popup to your block list.

PopupDummy! can effectively block any window: 

If a particular program is frequently displaying a specific window, add it to PopupDummy!'s block list. 

If an annoying screen appears each time you boot your computer, add it to PopupDummy!'s block list.

As long as the popup window has a unique window title for you to block, the possibilities of PopupDummy!'s power are endless.

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