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ultimate ftp client, tops cute ftp, free download
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ultimate ftp client, tops cute ftp, free download

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FTP Site Management

All Versions of Windows 
FTPDummy! is compatible with Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista,Windows 7.
Connections Manager
With the perfect setup for the newcomer or advanced FTP user, you can store an unlimited number of FTP sites, usernames, and passwords.
FTP Transfers
Send and receive files with a single click. Drag & drop a single file or an entire folder. All remote directories are created on the fly. Using a single connection, FTP transfers speed by in seconds.
File Management
Creating new directories, removing, and renaming files or entire folders are just a few of the many options you have to manage your remote connection. The built-in preview window lets you view documents and images right on your ftp site. Just highlight a file, and watch it display. 
Transfer Modes
Automatic selection of binary or ASCII file transfers make publishing your web pages and perl/cgi scripts a breeze.
Transfer Filename Case
Including the option to always send files with lowercase file extensions is a powerful tool when your local files may be mixed case, but your server requires lowercase.

Speed and Reliability

Offline Browsing and Cache
Speed through connecting and browsing web folders via offline browsing. Snapshots are taken of each directory you view, and are displayed back for you as you navigate. You can even browse your ftp site while not even connected to the Internet.
Online File Editing
Change your remote files instantly with the click of a button. Files can be opened in Notepad or their default editor. You make the changes to the file, save it, then click one button to publish it back to the server.
Modify File Attributes
Change your web file scripts to readable and executable, or any combination via the CHMOD permissions command in the context menu. Changing your file attributes has never been easier.
Download and Auto Execute
Instantly run files when they are downloaded using their associated program. For example, when downloading a WinZip file, it will automatically open to view the contents when it has completed downloading. 


24-hour Customer Service
When you purchase FTPDummy!, you are not only purchasing the number one FTP client in ease of use, you are also purchasing the number one customer service on the market. Get prompt answers to your questions and help in connecting to your site the same day.


By highlighting a file, the preview window lets you instantly view images, documents, text files, and web pages on your ftp server.

With online editing, you can make changes to your web pages with one click, right on the ftp server.

Display of an FTP site in a detailed report-style view, for power users. Click the views button to toggle between large icon, and detailed views.

With multi-threaded downloads, you can retrieve an entire directory in a matter of seconds.

The settings window lets you connect to an FTP site by specifying the address and account information. The extended help makes it easy for new users to get connected.

If you are a novice user or an advanced user, FTPDummy! provides all the power you need, in the easiest package available on the Internet.

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