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Customer Testimonials

Here is what people are saying about FTPDummy!:

August 15, 2002
"I have used several other FTP programs and this one I have had no problem using on the first try. FTPDummy! is very easy to use for those of us without a lot of computer knowledge. Thanks for a great piece of software."

July 10, 2002
"I tried a couple different programs out before FTPDummy!, and this one was the easiest for a novice. It works great!"

January 4, 2002
SeaCrest Trading Co. [www.seacresttradingco.com]
"I really do like the simplicity of your FTP software. I have been using it for months with ease. I love the drag and drop method it has. Good old FTPDummy!."

December 31, 2001
"My web hosting service recommended downloading cuteftp from cnet.com. I went to cnet.com and looked at several of the ftp programs and downloaded yours because of how easy it was."

December 23, 2001
"Works great."

November 20, 2001
M. T., UK
"Easiest ftp program ever! Even a newbie like me found it easy, it beats everything, I will tell everyone about this software"

November 17, 2001
C.J. Belgium
Jansen Automation Sprl.
"Great product!"

October 2, 2001
Jen, USA
"FTP dummy is a great program, and fun to use! This is the first time I have made a web site and your program has gotten me on the web. I registered today and will be checking out your other products too!"

August 12, 2001
Beth, USA
"FTPDummy is great! We just downloaded it from shareware.com to put our first website up. We had it up and running in a matter of minutes. It is so easy and user-friendly. A great product! We'll be sending our check soon."

April 20, 2001
Charlotte, USA
I am a novice at working on the internet and finding products to help me. Your products are excellent and your web site is beautiful. I can only dream about getting a site which looks this good and works so well. I will be back to check out the quality products you produce. Thank you for thinking of us novices."

March 28, 2001
Mark, USA
"I wrote you yesterday with a problem and you were very gracious in helping me and I wanted to thank you again. I have gone to your site and added Uploader! & SubmitDummy! to my PC and to my favorite "easy" to use programs. FTPDummy! is the BEST and I will tell everyone about it."

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