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BlogPingy v1.0
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Turn your iPhone into an instant blog pinging machine! BlogPingy is the easiest way to ping your blog to over 30+ blog search engines and directories, right from your iPhone.

BlogPingy is compatible with the Apple iPhone and iTouch.

BlogPingy is easy to use with your iPhone or iTouch. Simply enter your blog post URL and title, and with just a few taps, instantly notify the world that your blog has been updated. BlogPingy automatically pings each blog directory, sending your blog post information, and updating your content in the search engines. 

The following blog search engines are supported:

Weblogs NewsGator Feed Burner Pingomatic Blo.gs
BlogRolling Technorati Feedster Blogdigger Moreover
Syndic8 My Yahoo! Weblogalot PubSub BlogStreet
1470.net Bitacoles Bitacoras Blogdb Blogoon
Blog Shares Blog Snow Blog.goo Laster Memory Ping.Blo.gs
Bloggers.jp Blogmura.jp Cocolog-Nifty Exblog My Blog
Topic Exchange Weblogues Blogg.de


  • Ping your blog to 30+ directories.
  • Enable or disable specific blog directories from pinging.
  • Automatic loading of blog title from the URL.
  • Saves URL and blog title in preferences.
  • View real submission results after all pings have completed.

Enter your blog post URL and tap the Get Title button to automatically load the title. Tap the Engines button to view and toggle available blog directories. Tap the Ping button to automatically submit your blog to 30+ blog directories and search engines.

After tapping the Ping button, watch BlogPingy automatically submit your blog to the blog directories and search engines from your iPhone / iTouch.

Tap the Engines button to toggle specific search engines. After submission, view the detailed ping results by tapping a selected result.

Detailed ping submission results are available for each blog search engine.

"Ping" is the word used to submit blogs to blog directories and search engines. When you ping your blog, you're telling the search engines that you have updated your blog post content and that your listing should be updated in the search results. Pinging your blogs to the search engines is the fastest way to get search engine crawlers visiting your blog and to gain increased blog readership and hits in a short amount of time.

While most bloggers are familiar with web-based pinging services to submit their blogs, with BlogPingy for the iPhone/iTouch, you can now send your pings directly from your mobile device - whenever and wherever!

Start increasing your blog readership and download BlogPingy today!