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GlitterWriter v1.0
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Turn your iPhone into an instant glittering machine! GlitterWriter lets you create glitter text right on your iPhone or iTouch. Simply choose a glitter font, select a sparkle background, and type your message to get an instant glitter text display!

After creating your message, tap twice to save to your Photo Album, where you can set it as your iPhone desktop wallpaper or email to friends!


  • Choose from 8 different glitter fonts.
  • Choose from 9 different sparkle backgrounds.
  • Tap once to change the glitter text displayed.
  • Tap the control buttons to change the sparkle background or glitter font.
  • Tap twice to save to your Photo Album.
  • Text, font, and background selections are saved for future usage. Easily swap the sparkle backgrounds and glitter fonts at any time.
  • From Photos, use your customized glitter message as iPhone/iPod wallpaper or send via email and share with others.

GlitterWriter is compatible with the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch and available in the iTunes AppStore.

Simply tap the text message to type your own, tap a control to change the sparkle background or glitter font, and double-tap to save to your iPhone Photo Album.

Once saved, simply access your mobile photo album to set as your background wallpaper or email to a friend.