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Arachnitap v1.0
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Who's afraid of a teenie weenie spider? Now you have your chance to get over your fear. Squash the spiders with a single tap in the easy-to-play, finger-gripping game, Arachnitap! The object of the game is simple. Just tap the spider to score 10 points. As easy as that sounds, Arachnitap advances in difficulty with each point scored, so keep your focus on the iPhone screen and get ready to tap away! How many spiders can you get? Squash away!


  • Extremely easy game-play, simply tap the spider to score 10 points.
  • Skill level increases with each point scored.
  • High score saved for future game play.
  • Features 8 different spiders, 6 different spiderly backgrounds.
  • Unlimited level of challenge awaits those with top spider tapping skill!
  • Great game to play during quick breaks, easy to start, easy to end.


Are you brave enough to tap the spiders? It starts off easy, but increases in challenge with each successful tap. How high of a score can you get?