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RSS Submit 2.89, Twitter Authentication, and RSS Growth | ksoft Newsletter
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RSS Submit 2.89, Twitter Authentication, and RSS Growth9/28/2010 @ 8:43pm

RSS Submit Software The latest version of RSS Submit 2.89 is now available for download. Newly added RSS directories include RSSTop10, RSS Mob, RSS Bin, Go Blog 4i, and Best Blogs. Also included is support for additional URL types and minor feature enhancements. Did you also know that we have an RSS Submit affiliate program?

RSS Submit Twitter Plug-in

Along with the rest of the web, we've also updated our products, Twitter FriendFitter and the RSS Submit Twitter Plug-in to support the new Twitter OAuth authentication protocol, officially registering RSS Submit and FriendFitter as Twitter-compatible applications. If you have not yet checked out the Twitter Plug-in, be sure to take a look.

Twitter FriendFitter - Automatic Friend Adder

Meanwhile, on the RSS forefront, there are some exciting discussions going on regarding the future of RSS technology and potential enhancements. Creators of the RSS format are discussing how to pack more power into RSS and move it towards the mainstream, making it easier to use, follow, and share.

It's no surprise that the most popular social networks and web 2.0 sites rely on RSS feeds to move information through their applications. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and many others, all integrate RSS feeds to create, syndicate, and distribute content to and from their networks. In fact, you might find that a significant percentage of tweets actually originate from RSS feeds. This is what makes visibility and promotion of RSS feeds so important in any SEO campaign strategy. If users can't find your feed, they can't share your links.

Moving into the future, discussions around improving RSS include features to provide a DNS type of web service, capable of providing single username URLs for RSS feeds. This would allow users to subscribe to an RSS feed simply by "following" your username. Discussed features also include the ability to stream a river of news from RSS feeds, similar in format to Twitter's stream, but with content pulled directly from RSS feeds. While these features are just the start of discussions towards improving RSS technology, they show how important RSS is, as the backbone for the Web 2.0 infrastructure. Don't neglect the importance of your RSS feeds. Take care of them and they'll improve the visibility of your sites.

As always, stay updated with ksoft via our blog, RSS, or Twitter for more product announcements and updates.


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