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submit trackback pingback
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Quick Start Guide to Success with TrackbackSpeed

TrackbackSpeed is a powerful tool for submitting trackbacks and pingbacks to blogs, related to your own, and can be used in a variety of ways for helping to boost traffic to your site.

For users new to blog promotion, we recommend the following steps for safely starting out with the software:

1. Choose a topic and post a blog.

. Run TrackbackSpeed and enter the details for your post.

3. Using TrackbackSpeed, enter keywords to search for blogs with the same topic as yours. Relevancy is key.

4. In the search results displayed in the software, determine which blogs most closely match yours by looking at their titles. You can double-click a result to view the blog in detail. Some users may opt to simply submit to all.

5. Click the Submit button. When prompted with the HTML for links, paste the links into your own blog post and reference and/or discuss them accordingly in your blog.

6. Click Submit. As some blogs moderate trackbacks, there may be a delay before your trackbacks are fully published. Enjoy the results!