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Protect your email from spam, viruses, and harmful content.

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SpamDummy! is a powerful and easy to use spam blocker for all POP3 email clients including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and more. 

SpamDummy! blocks spam, email viruses, and harmful content directly at the email server so that you never have to waste time downloading them. 

SpamDummy! is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, and all other POP3 email clients.

SpamDummy! contains the following unique features to protect your email:

  • SpamDummy! is very easy to install. Outlook and Outlook Express requires no setup on your part - configuration is done automatically.
  • Emails sent to you are checked against several DNS blacklist databases. These databases contains thousands of spam IP addresses and are updated daily.
  • Emails sent to you are checked for viruses and harmful attachments. All harmful email is deleted at the server and never reaches your PC.
  • Emails sent to you are checked against a list of custom Block Rules you create yourself. These rules allow you to block email containing certain words in the body, subject, etc.

SpamDummy! sits quietly in your system tray. Whenever your email client checks email, SpamDummy! fetches the email, flashes blue when it filters out harmful material, and passes the rest safely to your email software.

The main screen allows you to view blocked spam emails. Double-click a message to view it. Choose to have all emails converted to plain text and avoid harmful HTML emails which can contain viruses and spyware.

Add new rules to your Block List to filter out additional unwanted emails as you see fit. All unwanted emails are deleted on the email server, before they ever reach your PC.

SpamDummy! also has the option to convert all HTML emails to plain text. This protects you from spammers and viruses which might embed harmful HTML commands or tracking codes within email.

Download our FREE 15-day trial and see how many spam emails and viruses SpamDummy! blocks for you. Purchase the full version today!




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