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SenseGuard v1.0

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SenseGuard is a software utility to protect you from accidental clicks on your own Adsense publisher ads. It works by temporarily hiding all Adsense ads in your web browser. It's technique is confirmed to be safe to use by the Google Adsense team.

As a Google Adsense publisher, it may only take a few accidental clicks to have an account completely banned from Adsense, immediately halting your source of income. This can occur from you, your co-workers, or even your family making an accidental click on your ads from your own PC. In addition, Google may also be alerted by an excessive number of page refreshes, such as when you perform a large number of web page changes, which could lead to a review of your account.

SenseGuard allows you to temporarily hide all Adsense ads in your web browser. Outside users visiting your web site are not affected. Adsense is only hidden on your own PC. This effectively protects you from accidental clicks and unnecessary page-views on your Adsense ads.

SenseGuard is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and all web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and Opera.

SenseGuard Disables Adsense ads, Hides Adsense ads, Protects Accidental Clicks
Easily hide or show Adsense ads on your PC by clicking the Hide Adsense button. Changes are only made to your PC, so users on a different computer viewing your web site are not affected.

SenseGuard Protect Adsense Clicks on Own Ad
Without SenseGuard, Google Adsense ads appear in your own web browser. You could easily accidentally click one of your own ads.

SenseGuard Block Adsense ads, Hide Adsense ads
With SenseGuard protection, you can instantly hide all Adsense ads from your web browser. Google's server is never contacted. An Adsense page-view never occurs and an accidental Adsense click is impossible. Outside users visiting your site will still see your Adsense ads.

How does it work?

SenseGuard works by modifying a network configuration file on your PC, called "hosts". It inserts several domain servers, used by Google Adsense, and tells your computer to ignore the domains if it comes across them in your web browser. Below is an example of what happens when your web browser views a page containing Adsense ads with SenseGuard turned on:

Your web browser opens a page containing the Adsense script in it. It requests Google's ad server to get the code to show for the Adsense ads. With SenseGuard active, the request is immediately ignored by your PC. Adsense ads will not display in your web browser. This is similar to if you had simply removed the Adsense script from your web pages, except that outside users viewing your site will still see your ads.

Is it safe?

Yes! SenseGuard is completely safe to use. The hosts file technique it uses has been confirmed by Google as acceptable use by Adsense publishers. By setting a temporary network configuration on your PC, Adsense ads are prevented from displaying. Google's server is never contacted. An Adsense page-view never occurs. An accidental Adsense click is impossible.

SenseGuard works for all web pages viewed from your PC. This includes all web pages you develop, which contain your Adsense code, and any web page from any site, which contains Adsense ads. Typically, to be on the safe side, Adsense publishers do not want to click on any ads from any site, including their own. SenseGuard effectively provides this ability for you.

How do I use it?

1. Run SenseGuard by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.

2. To hide Adsense ads on your PC, click the "Hide Adsense" button. All Adsense ads will be hidden from your web browser on your PC. You may now exit the software; Adsense ads will remain hidden.

3. For web masters, you may now modify your web pages without worrying about accidental Adsense clicks.

4. Once you are finished making web page changes, run SenseGuard and click the "Show Adsense" button to show Adsense ads again.
Optionally, you may simply leave Adsense ads always hidden on your PC. This does not affect outside users viewing your site.

Can I leave Adsense hidden permanently?

Yes! Some users constantly worry about clicking their own ads or that a family member, using their PC, may click their own ads. You can leave your Adsense ads always hidden on your PC. This does not affect outside users viewing your site. 

What if I want to see Adsense ads on other pages?

Simply use SenseGuard only when you make changes to your web pages and during testing. After you finish making changes, click the "Show Adsense" button in SenseGuard to show Adsense ads again on your PC.

Are there any additional benefits?

Yes! In addition to protecting your Adsense account from accidental clicks, SenseGuard also protects your true page-view statistics for your Adsense account by hiding the ads during web development, which could artificially inflate your Adsense page-view count.

SenseGuard is also extremely fast and easy to use. It allows you to hide Adsense ads across all of your web pages and sites with just one click.

Can it block other ads besides Adsense?

Yes! By clicking the "Settings" button in SenseGuard, you can add domains of other popular pay-per-click services and prevent ads from those services from displaying in your web browser.

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SenseGuard is the perfect addition to any Adsense publisher's toolkit. With the growing number of web masters being dropped from the Adsense program because of accidental clicks, protecting your income investment becomes even more important.

The cost of SenseGuard is certainly worth the assurance of never making an accidental click while developing your web pages. With the amount of money being made with your Adsense account, would you want to risk an accidental click?

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