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MetaTagDummy! v1.7

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Wonder how their pages get listed in the top 10? Well, now yours can be too! Grab keyword tags from the top web page results in search engines just for your own use! 

MetaTagDummy! is a simple utility to grab the keywords used in the top web page results of search engines and display them for you to use in your own pages.

It's simple. You type in a few keywords that you want your web page to appear from in the search engines. MetaTagDummy! then lists for you the keywords used by the top 10 web page results. You then select which of those keywords you want to "grab", and they will be inserted in your own page.

You don't even have to think of your web page keywords anymore. Just use the ones your competitors have and achieve their high listings too!

MetaTagDummy! creates or modifies the keywords tag and description tag, saves them in your own page, and you're then ready to publish your page on the web, and submit to the search engines.

downloadnow.gif (10995 bytes) click here