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ksoft releases LogonEight: Windows 8 Lock Screen Changer

For Immediate Release 

For more information contact:
, ksoft
Email kory@dummysoftware.com
Web site http://www.dummysoftware.com

Trenton, NJ, USA -- 20 November 2012 -- ksoft announces the release of LogonEight, a powerful tool for automatically changing the Windows 8 lock screen image each day.

LogonEight is a system utility that customizes the Windows 8 lock screen by changing the background image to a randomly selected picture from a chosen folder, upon a scheduled interval.

The Windows 8 lock screen is a unique feature, different from any of the prior versions of Windows. While Windows 8 allows manually changing the lock screen background to a single image, LogonEight enhances this feature with powerful dynamic options.

LogonEight allows you to select a folder of images and choose how often to change the picture. The lock screen can be changed by minute, hour, day, or week. LogonEight will choose a random picture from the selected folder and update the lock screen background at each scheduled interval automatically.

Registered users of LogonEight receive upgrades to the latest version at no charge by visiting the company's web site to download and install the new version.

A fully functional demo is available to the public at
http://www.dummysoftware.com/logoneight.html. Program registration is US$19.95, and may be completed from the company's web site. 


Evaluation key available on request