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Users Gain Privacy from Google with G-Zapper 2.0

For Immediate Release

Trenton, NJ - 10 August 2007 - ksoft announces the release of G-Zapper 2.0, a utility to detect, identify, and clean the Google cookie and search terms from your PC, for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista.

In August of 2006, twenty million search terms were released from AOL, which had the possibility of being linked back to the originating user. While Google’s database has been more fortunate, they too link search terms to users through the use of a cookie. You may be surprised to find that a Google cookie exists on your PC; and even more surprised to find out how long its been there.

G-Zapper locates the Google cookie installed on your PC, determines its age, and displays your unique identifier used to track your searches. With one click, G-Zapper cleans the cookie, breaking the chain that relates your previous searches to new ones. Since Google will save a new cookie the next time you perform a search, G-Zapper also runs silently in the background, awaiting a new Google cookie, and instantly cleaning it the moment you close your web browser.

G-Zapper is free to try for 30 days at http://www.dummysoftware.com/gzapper.html Program registration is US$29.95 and may be completed from the company's web site.

For more information contact: ksoft. Web site http://www.dummysoftware.com


Evaluation copy available on request