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G-Zapper Uncovers the Google Cookie on your PC

For Immediate Release

Trenton, NJ - 16 January 2007 - ksoft announces the release of version 1.5 of G-Zapper, a utility to detect, identify, and clean the Google cookie and search terms from your PC, for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

Google has been storing cookies with an expiration date of 2038 on PCs for many years now. This allows them to match searches to a specific user. You might be surprised to find out how long the same cookie has been installed.

G-Zapper locates the Google cookie installed on your PC, displays the unique identifier used to track your searches, and displays the date the cookie was first installed. G-Zapper also displays a list of your actual Google search terms and allows you to clean them from your PC. This gives you a clear picture of just how long your searches have been tracked and an easy way to protect your privacy.

The cleaning feature of G-Zapper allows you to temporarily delete or permanently block the Google cookie. Deleting the cookie breaks the chain of relating your previous searches to new ones, while blocking the cookie prevents future installation altogether and increases privacy protection.

A fully functional demo is available to the public at http://www.dummysoftware.com/gzapper.html. Program registration is US$19.95 and may be completed from the company's web site.

For more information contact: ksoft. Web site http://www.dummysoftware.com


Evaluation copy available on request