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G-Zapper Reveals the Mysterious Google Cookie

Trenton, NJ -- August 2006 -- ksoft’s G-Zapper is a free tool to clean the Google cookie installed on your PC, for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Google has become the most popular search engine of choice for Internet users. However, as they pour out their inner-most thoughts in the form of search terms, many users do not realize the privacy aspects at stake.

Google has a fairly accurate system for displaying contextual advertisements. They are also beginning to adapt their search results to users’ history. In the process, they are likely collecting and storing search terms used on a daily basis. While this, of itself, may not seem alarming, the fact that the data may be tied directly to your PC via a tiny cookie and unique identifier is a reason for caution. To solve this concern, ksoft has released a free tool, G-Zapper.

G-Zapper locates the Google cookie installed on your PC, displays the unique identifier used to track your searches, and displays the date the cookie was first installed, giving you a clear picture of just how long your search terms may have been tracked.

By using the cleaning feature of G-Zapper, users may delete the Google cookie, in which case a new Google cookie will be created upon the next visit to the search engine. This breaks the chain of relating your previous searches to new ones. Users may also opt to block the Google cookie entirely.

For users who utilize Google’s services regularly, which may require the cookie, G-Zapper’s delete feature is ideal. It removes the cookie which obscures your unique identifier, yet allows a new cookie to be created. Users may then continue to access Google’s services and still enjoy a degree of privacy when searching.

G-Zapper Free Edition is available for unlimited personal use and may be downloaded by the public at http://www.dummysoftware.com/gzapper.html

For more information contact: ksoft. Web site http://www.dummysoftware.com

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