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Chrome Extension: New Tab Changer | ksoft Newsletter
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Chrome Extension: New Tab Changer10/1/2013 @ 12:02pm

With the most recent update of the Chrome web browser, you may have noticed that the default tab homepage has changed significantly. It now shows the Google logo, a search box, and various widgets that comprise the "Instant Extended API" (a new Chrome feature that "provides a deeper integration with your default search provider"). While some users like the change, others actually want the old homepage back. Even better, why not change new tabs to display any page you want?

Introducing New Tab Changer, our newest extension for the Chrome web browser. New Tab Changer allows you to redirect new tabs to a custom url. You can set Chrome tabs to automatically load Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or any web site of your choice. Simply enter the web site url and click Save. Any new tab opened in Chrome will automatically redirect to the configured web site. It's just like setting the web browser homepage - but for tabs!

New Tab Changer - Redirect new tabs to a custom url, Chrome Extension

New Tab Changer works for both web site urls and local file urls (for the web developers out there, you can use a file:// url to reference a local page).

Best of all? The extension is FREE! Head on over to the Chrome web store to install it and get the most out of your Chrome tabs.

By the way, if you just want to restore the old tab homepage in Chrome (prior to the 29.0.1547.76 update), navigate to chrome://flags/ and disable "Enable Instant Extended API".


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