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Introducing Plus One Reporter - Automatic Google Plus +1 Link Counts | ksoft Newsletter
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Introducing Plus One Reporter - Automatic Google Plus +1 Link Counts7/24/2011 @ 8:01pm

Plus One Reporter 1.0 - Google Plus +1 Bulk Link Checker

Google+ has been quite explosive in growth over the past few weeks, bringing in a serious contender to the world of social networking, typically topped by Facebook. While many users are still trying to get invites just to sign up, others are trying to figure out exactly what Google Plus means to the world of SEO. One of the features that ties into Google Plus is the +1 Link feature. Similar to the Facebook "Like", the +1 Link feature allows users to vote-up/bookmark links they feel have value. As this feature grows in prominence, Google could use the data to aid in displaying relevant search results. In either case, tracking the Google Plus +1 rank for your web site links can be an important task, and we've got just the tool!

Introducing Plus One Reporter - a Google Plus +1 bulk link checker. Plus One Reporter is a brand new tool to report on the popularity of your social networking links on Google Plus +1. Simply import an XML sitemap or list of links for automatic reporting of Google +1 counts across any page of your site. Save reports in HTML, CSV, or text and keep track of your social networking statistics over time on Google Plus +1.

Plus One Reporter Google Plus +1 Bulk Link Checker

If you haven't checked out Google Plus or Google Plus +1 links just yet, head over and take a peek. It's important to note, any Google user can actually +1 your web site's link, whether you've signed up to Google Plus or not. With the Google Plus initial launch, it's likely to become a front-runner in social networking. Applying Google Plus to good SEO practices will be key.

Download a free trial of Plus One Reporter and check your own web site's Google +1 link counts. Maybe a user has already +1'd your web site?

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