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Introducing G-Zapper 3.0 - Google Cookie Blocker | ksoft Newsletter
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Introducing G-Zapper 3.0 - Google Cookie Blocker4/3/2011 @ 7:26pm

G-Zapper, our popular Google cookie blocker, has been helping to clean PCs of Google's cookie for several years now. With the latest release of Firefox 4 and the growing popularity of Google Chrome, it was about time for an update. We're excited to announce the release of G-Zapper 3.0, now including support for cleaning cookies in both Firefox 4 and Chrome (in addition to all versions of IE and Firefox).

G-Zapper Google Cookie Blocker

Finding Your Own Google Cookie

Yes, you probably have one. It can be quite interesting to find out how long the same Google cookie has been sitting on your PC. Of course, G-Zapper makes it easy to detect and clean. If you’re curious how old your Google cookie is, then be sure to download a copy to see for yourself.

Google Cookie Cleaner Software, Download, Block Cookies

RSS Submit 3.1 Update

”RSS A new version of RSS Submit is also available, including several new RSS
directories and minor enhancements. New directories added include Planet USA, Blloggs, and Million Blogs Online. The latest version also includes significant speed optimizations when adding or importing FeedBurner RSS URLs into the software.

RSS Submit Twitter Plug-in 1.5 Update

We've also released an update for the RSS Submit Twitter Plug-in, which includes new API support for the bit.ly URL shortening service. The Twitter plug-in is a great addition for RSS Submit, along with other available plug-ins.

As always, keep updated with ksoft via our Blog RSS Twitter Facebook for more product announcements and updates.


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