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BacklinkSpeed Throttle Plug-in and RSS AutoGen with Links2RSS | ksoft Newsletter
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BacklinkSpeed Throttle Plug-in and RSS AutoGen with Links2RSS3/15/2011 @ 7:50pm

Providing easy, yet powerful software is what we do best here at ksoft, so we thought it was time to bring something new to our backlink submission tool, BacklinkSpeed.

BacklinkSpeed Throttle Plug-in

BacklinkSpeed already submits to over 3,000 backlink sites automatically, and while many users find results in submitting to the entire list with a single submission, others prefer to submit to smaller batches within the list, gradually gaining backlinks over time. To cater towards both solutions, we're happy to release a brand new add-on, the
BacklinkSpeed Throttle Plug-in.

BacklinkSpeed Throttle Plug-in, Submit Backlinks

The Throttle Plug-in integrates directly into BacklinkSpeed and allows you to control the number of backlink sites that are submitted during a single session. The plug-in allows you to set the maximum number of backlink sites to be submitted to, in addition to setting which backlink site to start submitting at. Using this powerful plug-in, you can throttle backlink submissions over time, gradually growing backlinks to suit your SEO campaign.

RSS AutoGen 1.1 with Links2RSS

We've also released an update for RSS AutoGen 1.1. The latest version includes a powerful new feature for converting Links2RSS. You can now use RSS AutoGen to convert web pages to RSS feeds and to convert a mass list of links into a single RSS feed. This feature is perfect for users who have a large list of links (profile links, web pages, sitemap links, etc) that need exposure and backlinks for visibility and ranking. Simply combine the links into a single RSS feed and submit using RSS Submit.

RSSAutoGen Links2RSS Feature, Generate RSS Feeds from Web Pages or Links

As always, keep updated with ksoft via our Blog RSS Twitter Facebook for more product announcements and updates.


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