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Introducing - NoMobile Browser for the iPhone | ksoft Newsletter
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Introducing - NoMobile Browser for the iPhone1/22/2011 @ 1:10pm

We're happy to announce our latest iPhone app release, NoMobile Browser, the perfect web browser app for displaying normal non-mobile versions of web sites.

If you've been surfing the web on your iPhone, you may have noticed that many web sites change their appearance and features when browsing from your mobile device, compared with when browsing from your desktop PC. This allows web sites to display "mobile-friendly" versions of their content. While this makes browsing from a mobile device easier, in some cases, the mobile-version web sites lack features and content from their normal versions, and in other cases, they may even be completely unusable.

NoMobile Browser iPhone App NoMobile Browser is a web browser for the iPhone/iTouch that displays the normal non-mobile version of web sites, preventing web sites from directing your iPhone to a mobile-only site. While the iPhone's built-in Safari web browser lacks a feature for displaying the non-mobile version of web sites, NoMobile Browser is the perfect companion web browser to use along-side. NoMobile Browser allows you to visit search engines, web mail, message forums, and more in their normal, non-mobile, web site display.

NoMobile Browser iPhone iTouch app

In other news, we're busy working on the next update for RSS Submit and an exciting new product release for automatic RSS feed generation. Stay tuned for updates.

As always, keep updated with ksoft via our Blog RSS Twitter Facebook for more product announcements and updates.


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