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Introducing Twitter FriendFitter, Auto Friend Adder | ksoft Newsletter
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Introducing Twitter FriendFitter, Auto Friend Adder3/14/2009 @ 4:29pm

We've been quite busy here at ksoft over the past few weeks and we're excited to announce the release of our latest product, Twitter FriendFitter. FriendFitter is an automatic Twitter friend adder, designed to help grow your list of followers by keyword on the social network Twitter.

Twitter FriendFitter Auto Friend Adder, Auto Follow

If you're new to Twitter, here's a quick catch up. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks, designed around the idea of posting quick, short messages, similar to public instant messaging. The real power behind Twitter lies within the number of followers that you and your friends have. When you make a post on Twitter, your content is distributed to a vast array of sources, including friends, aggregators, and even search engines. It's a great way to enhance your blogging and web site readership. Need an example? Take a look at the ksoft Twitter page.

While getting started on Twitter can be time intensive, FriendFitter makes it a breeze! Simply enter the keywords for friends you would like to link up with and click the Follow button. You'll be up and running with Twitter in no time. As with any automatic friend adder and auto follow tool, please use responsibly.

So head on over and download a FREE trial of Twitter FriendFitter and give your social networking a boost!


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