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How Many Google Searches are Saved on your PC? | ksoft Newsletter
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How Many Google Searches are Saved on your PC?12/21/2006 @ 11:39am

Does your PC have a Google cookie on it? It probably does. More importantly, how long has it been there?

Download G-Zapper and find out! (direct download)

This newest release of G-Zapper has been fully optimized for Internet Explorer 6,7 and Mozilla Firefox.

For those of you who don't already know, G-Zapper:

- Identifies the Google cookie on your PC
- Displays your unique Google ID
- Shows how long your searches have been tracked
- Shows your actual Google searches
- Erases your Google search history
- Blocks and/or deletes the Google cookie
- Blocks Google Analytics from tracking the web sites you visit

G-Zapper Screenshot

The latest version includes brand new features specifically for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox to display your actual Google search history, including keywords you've searched for.

It is a scary thing, knowing that all of your Google searches are recorded on your PC, susceptible to prying eyes or even spyware and viruses. Anyone could gather a profile of your interests just by looking at what you've been searching for.

G-Zapper Displays your previous Google Searches and lets your Erase them

G-Zapper makes it easy to see what Google searches are saved on your PC and erase them with just one click.

We also recommend you frequently use G-Zapper to delete your Google cookie and help break-up the chain linking your future searches with past ones.

So go ahead and download the free trial of G-Zapper and see if your PC has the cookie.


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