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Froogie Now Supports GoogleBase Feeds | ksoft Newsletter
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Froogie Now Supports GoogleBase Feeds7/18/2006 @ 12:22pm

Froogle merchants will be happy to know that we have updated Froogie, our Froogle feed editor and submit tool, to version 1.4.

The new version supports Google's new GoogleBase feed format. For those of you not in the know, Google recently changed their Froogle merchant center over to GoogleBase and along with it, changed the format of the data feed. While the old format is still accepted, Google prefers the new format and may eventually discontinue acceptance of old-style feeds.

With GoogleBase, users can opt to submit their products using the online form. However, many users will still consider this a daunting task as the form appears fairly complex. By comparison our product, Froogie, is a quick and easy way to manage your products and submit them to Froogle.

I actually use Froogie each month to renew our product listings. If you have something to sell online, but have not yet tried adding your products to Froogle, you're missing out on potential traffic. You owe it to yourself to download a free trial of Froogie, add your products, and give it a whirl.


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