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Introducing G-Zapper - Google Cookie Blocker | ksoft Newsletter
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Introducing G-Zapper - Google Cookie Blocker1/31/2006 @ 1:39pm

Recently, I posted about the US Justice Department trying to access Google's search records (attention data) and how this represents a clear violation of privacy, especially coming from the most popular search engine. Regardless of the reason, users should be entitled to privacy.

To this cause, we have created a free utility called G-Zapper, which allows you to locate your Google cookie and display your unique ID. With one click, you can delete the Google cookie or block it all-together.

When deleting the cookie, it will be re-created the next time you visit Google, but with a different unique identifier. This helps to obscure your identity from past searches and still allows you to use Google's tools, such as Gmail and Adsense.

When blocking the cookie, your web browser will refuse to accept cookies from Google, helping you to protect your privacy. Since Google requires cookies in order to login to its extra services, this feature is suitable for users who do not use Gmail or Adsense.

G-Zapper is compatible with all versions of Windows and requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ or Mozilla Firefox 1.5. G-Zapper will delete and block the Google cookie in both web browsers.


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