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The New RSS Newsletter, But Why Not Email? | ksoft Newsletter
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The New RSS Newsletter, But Why Not Email?1/31/2006 @ 1:24pm

It's true that this is the first official ksoft newsletter and it is in RSS format. While our software is definitely geared towards basic users and targeted as easy-to-use, some may wonder why not use an email newsletter, as RSS seems too "geeky" right now.

Actually, around the start of ksoft back in 1998, I had started an email newsletter with tips and tricks for ksoft products. The newsletter only lasted about 2 or 3 editions. I simply felt mass-emailing users, even for a newsletter, was too obtrusive. This is certainly the case with today's standards of spam blockers, Internet service provider policies, and users' over-flooding email accounts.

Now, we've got RSS feeds. I know many of our users are not familiar with RSS yet, and that's OK. With the release of Windows Vista coming out shortly, RSS is due to be integrated into Internet Explorer. I hope this allows the majority of users to easily read this newsletter (By the way, if you have not checked out the Windows Vista web site, take a quick peek. It's pretty). I also like how RSS feeds are a "pull" technology, meaning users pull new articles at their own disgression and are not forced or spammed into reading anything they don't want to.


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