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Easily create autorun CD-ROMs with HTML
Autoplay CD in seconds!


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CDStartDummy! creates autoplay CD-ROMs which load upon the user inserting the CD into their machine. Your CD-ROM can include splash screens, sound effects, icons, and other effects. Your CD can automatically run HTML, PDF, DOC, and other documents all with their default viewer. You can even launch Windows Explorer to a selected directory, display your entire web site, or include a photo album on your autoplay CD.

CDStartDummy! creates compatible CD-ROMs for all Windows platforms including 95,98,ME,NT,2000,and XP so you can be sure all your users will be able to use your CD. 

With the ability to autorun HTML, you can even include menus, buttons, Flash, and Java applets on your CD by including them within HTML. After the creation process, you can test your autorun to see how your CD-ROM will load before even burning a single CD.

What makes CDStartDummy! so special is that it's fast and easy to use! Anyone can quickly create autorun CD-ROMs in less than five minutes.

Select your options of self-sizing graphics, sounds, and files. Click Create CD to save all the files needed to copy to your CD-ROM for autorun.

Select your own splash screen graphic, sound, and file to launch when the user places your CD-ROM in their drive. You can have an HTML menu or even your own web page display.


A series of files are saved for you, including autorun.exe which is the loader tool that makes the magic happen. Copy the created files to your CD-ROM root directory and your CD is ready for autorun! Run the autorun.exe to test your autorun.

When selecting a web page to use as your CD autorun presentation, CDStartDummy! will actually save off all images and linked pages to the "CD-ROM Distributable Files" folder, creating a perfectly intact CD presentation.

CDStartDummy! even comes with other more advanced features. By displaying your web page using the built-in web browser, you can use several internal actions within your web page to perform tasks such as launching files, browsing the CD, displaying message boxes, and closing the autorun. You can create these actions in your web page using A HREF links. 

For example: 

<A HREF="ACTION_RUN=mylicense.txt">View License</A>
Would display "View License" in the window. If clicked, mylicense.txt will open.

If clicked, the contents of the CD are displayed using the Windows explorer.

<A HREF="ACTION_QUIT">Click to Quit</A>
Would display "Click to Quit" in the window. If clicked, the autorun will exit.

These built-in commands give you the extra power to bring your autorun presentation to life. Whether you choose a standard web page of your own creation, or include the built-in commands, your CD-ROM is sure to be a hit!

The trial version includes a 10-day evaluation and an unregistered popup box at the end of your autorun CD-ROM. CDs created with the trial version may not be distributed. 

For additional information, check out the CDStartDummy! help files.

Read our 5-star review at SharewareJunkies.

It's so easy, you'll want to use it for every CD you make. Purchase your copy today!

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