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Automatic submission of software PAD files to 110+ shareware / freeware sites

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What is a PAD file?


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There are hundreds of shareware / freeware sites available and new ones popping up each week. Is your software listed?

PADexpress fully automates the process of submitting software PAD files to over 110 popular shareware and freeware sites. Simply enter a URL pointing to your PAD file and a category selection. PADexpress will then crawl through a list of software directories, submitting your PAD files. The software promotion process is completely automatic.

PADexpress is a software solution for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

Competing submission products require extensive information about each product you wish to submit. If you have multiple products, it could take hours just to fill in the software fields. PADexpress only requires a PAD URL and category, making it one of the easiest tools available, and also powerful!

While PADexpress does not submit to software sites which require a login, it does submit to the many sites which accept fast PAD submission. Fast-PAD enabled sites are those which accept submission by only needing a PAD URL and a category selection. Out of the sites included in PADexpress's list, over 110+ are Fast-PAD directories. This number grows every week as new directories emerge. This is an incredible number of sites, considering you only need to enter your PAD URLs and click submit!

After submission is complete, the search engines will pick up over 110 new back links to your shareware product pages, coming from the shareware directories!

Add your PAD URLs, validate your PAD for proper formatting, and with one click of the Submit All button, all of your URLs are submitted to the software directories.

PADexpress uses smart-technology to automatically make category selections and click category links on the software sites. This allows PADexpress to submit your software to the best fitting category.

After submissions are complete, view the result pages to see your progress. While PADexpress cannot submit to sites which require logins, it does successfully submit to the many fast-PAD enabled sites.

Do you already use a semi-automatic or manual software submission tool? PADexpress is the perfect partner tool to use alongside manual submission products. While the manual tool can help you get listed in the sites which require logins and other detailed information, PADexpress will submit your PAD file over to the many fast-PAD sites.

PADexpress also updates itself automatically each time you run it. This allows you to submit to every single PAD software site available - small and large. 

You no longer have to fear releasing a new software update because of the extensive time it takes to submit your PAD files. With just one click in PADexpress and a cup of coffee, your software downloads will begin soaring. Purchase the full version today!

Trial Version Limitations

1. 12-day FREE trial to submit 1 PAD file.
2. Activates up to 30 PAD sites.

Full Version Enhancements

1. Unlimited time usage of software.
2. Activates all available PAD sites for submission.
3. Unlimited free upgrades and support including new PAD sites.
4. Allows support for expansion pack plug-ins.


PADexpress License Types

Master Edition $124.95

The Master License allows unlimited PAD submission for commercial purposes by businesses. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • All PAD sites activated.
  • Unlimited number of PAD files may be submitted.
  • Submission of PAD files used for commercial purposes.
  • Submission of PAD files belonging to other businesses and clients.

Professional Edition $94.95

The Professional License allows PAD submission for commercial purposes by businesses and organizations. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • All PAD sites activated.
  • Unlimited submission of up to 10 PAD files for commercial use.
  • PAD files belonging to other businesses may not be used.

Personal Edition $74.95

The Personal License allows PAD submission for non-commercial purposes including personal software and personal projects. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • All PAD sites activated.
  • Unlimited submission of up to 3 PAD files for non-commercial use.
  • PAD files may not be used for commercial or re-sale purposes.



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