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This tutorial will show you how to create an Image Gallery using WebDummy!. It can basically be done through the ADD LINK section. Simply add links with the URL "#". The "#" simply means to not go anywhere when the user clicks on it. You then select the image you'd like to show for that link. In this way, the images are displayed, but no links are active - thus giving you an image gallery. Follow these steps below:

1) START a new page in WebDummy!. In the ADD LINKS section, create a link with the URL "#", not including the quotation marks. Select the image you would like in your image gallery as the image for this link. Do this by clicking SELECT IMAGE, and then SELECT OWN IMAGE. For instace to select an image off your floppy disk.

You may also add text to be displayed in the status bar when the mouse moves over the image - possibly describing any details about the picture.

You can also add text to describe the image by entering text for the LINK NAME.

2) Continue adding as many images as you like by adding new links with the URL "#", not including the quotation marks.

3) Finish the page and save it. Include the page as a link off your main home page, or as your actual home page. That's it!

This concludes the Image Gallery tutorial. To see an example of the image gallery in action, view the images below. This page was created using WebDummy!.
A cute picture of my pitbull Angel.

Another picture of my puppy Angel.

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