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This tutorial shows you how to embed your own custom HTML programming into WebDummy! pages. You do not need to know any HTML at all to use WebDummy!. However, if you'd like to jazz up your page further, you can insert your own custom HTML, if you know it. :)

1) START a new page in WebDummy!. The best place to embed HTML is in the BODY TEXT sections, like this one for instance.

2) Begin typing text for the body, then when you wish, simply add an HTML tag or code right in the body. This will be interpreted as-is by the browser. For instance, this used a tag to be bold.

And this uses an A HREF link to make a link to Yahoo.

3) Finish your page and save it. Thats it!

Here is an example paragraph of embedded HTML tags in the body text. You can insert links, formatting tags, and other features like this bar below.
Or even change the font yourselfto manydifferent colors!Possibilites are endless.

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