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Life is but a short time, and existence is always temporary. As the son of a king, you know that one day you will have great power. However, this power is shared between you and your brother.. although very much different, you are also the same.

United by a common bond, you assume the role of the younger brother, Cryn, as he finds himself caught in an unknown path along with his older brother, Beorne.

Cryn - The Dark Reflection is an RPG role playing game. Cryn features the following:

- Classic RPG feel of Final Fantasy, Zelda, Dragon Warrior.
- Bird's eye view of over-world.
- Weather effects including sun, rain, fog, and more.
- More than 50 different random monster encounters and pre-set boss encounters.
- Turn-based battle system using physical attacks, offensive, and defensive magic.
- More than 15 different spells.
- Spell evolution occurring at level 10+.
- Unique monster spells and NPC attacks.
- Some NPC characters can be controlled by user during battle.
- Switch between multiple view points in game and control different character missions.
- Game may be saved at any time to restore from last save point.
- Over 100 minutes of full version game play.

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As this is an older game from around 2003, a couple of issues you may encounter include:

  • Runs super slow: This happens on some newer PCs. In the game, try hitting Esc and changing the game speed to faster. Do this a couple times and see if it helps. If not, I haven't found a work-around. This happens on some newer PCs.
  • Simply doesn't run: Try running it in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) compatibility mode (right-click the icon, select Properties, click the Compatibility tab). Try checkmarking "Reduced color mode", 8-bit 256 color, checkmark "Run in 640x480 screen resolution", "Disable display scaling", "Run as administrator", etc.
  • Message boxes display in the game with no visible text: This happens on some PCs, but not others. Haven't figured this one out, maybe a missing font?


- Direct X: You can download DirectX from Microsoft.